Chimera Ceramics is all about fine art. Like chimeras, the art here is a combination of materials and forms. Fine art can cause you to think, have emotional reactions, and it is my hope that my work has positive impact on you. Art can also serve functional purposes, and incorporates craft. This blend of ideas, emotional content, and functionality creates chimeras, dreamlike images and ideas. While the traditional Chimera is a creature made up of a goat, a lion, and a serpent, chimeras, in general are combinations, mixes, and sometimes, dreamlike creatures.

Enjoy my work, and if you like something, send me an email. We can definitely work something out!

Current Sculptures

Recent Ceramic Works

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Policy for commissioned work: A 50% deposit is required at the beginning of the agreement, so I can purchase materials and supplies. email me by clicking here


If you want a piece commissioned in clay, please be aware that sometimes clay does horrible, unpredictable things in the kiln, resulting in cracks, or weird bubbles (sometimes called "bloat"). Again, this is rare, but something you should be aware of, should you commission a ceramic piece.


Glazed ware is dishwasher safe, food safe (unless otherwise noted) and oven safe, if put into an initially cold oven.

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