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Welcome! Chimera Ceramics and Sculptures is a multi-faceted practice, as I explore both functional ceramics as well as sculptures. I work primarily with various kinds of clay, but I also use mild steel, stained glass, found objects and mixed media in my work.


Concerned with the natural world, I reflect my impressions of the natural world and sometimes of dream creations like fantastical beasts and monsters. Incorporated in my more functional work is imagery mostly derived from Asian influences, including Zen painting, and Chinese and Japanese aesthetics. Chimeras figure in most of the world's mythologies, often representing the powerful forces of nature, dreams, fears, the wonders of our collective imaginations, and even sometimes, the shape of the unknown.

This web site is as much a portfolio site as it is a way for you to get in touch with me if you see something you would like to have for your own. If what you see is not available, I would be happy to make something similar for you. Since I don't use easily duplicatable processes, each item in unique.

​I donate to  ArborDay.org and to OneTreePlanted.org, both of which are 501(c)(3) charities. You can TOO!!!


Save our planet!

There is NO PLANET B!!!!!

Policy for commissioned work: A 50% deposit is required at the beginning of the agreement, so I can purchase materials and supplies.


If you want a piece commissioned in clay, please be aware that sometimes clay does horrible, unpredictable things in the kiln, resulting in cracks, or weird bubbles (sometimes called "bloat"). Again, this is rare, but something you should be aware of, should you commission a ceramic piece.


Glazed ware is dishwasher safe, food safe (unless otherwise noted) and oven safe, if put into an initially cold oven.

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