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Please find photos of my work by clicking on the drop down menu that says "Archives of Past Work", and then choose from the drop down menu to see what I have made. Should you like something you see, please let me know via email. I can usually make something similar, if the item you like has already found a new home. That said, I will soon have a page showing what I have currently in inventory that is for sale. I am looking into having a Print on Demand service soon, so if you like one of the things I have made, but don't have the space, or prefer to have custom printed garments and accessories, let me know by sending me an email here.

ClayAndChimeras, Ceramics, Sculptures, Fine Art

Policy for commissioned work: A 50% deposit is required at the beginning of the agreement, so I can purchase materials and supplies. email me by clicking here


If you want a piece commissioned in clay, please be aware that sometimes clay does horrible, unpredictable things in the kiln, resulting in cracks, or weird bubbles (sometimes called "bloat"). Again, this is rare, but something you should be aware of, should you commission a ceramic piece.


Glazed ware is dishwasher safe, food safe (unless otherwise noted) and oven safe, if put into an initially cold oven.

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