Bottles and Vases

Yes, bottles and vases are decorative...and they hold beautiful flowers, serving to brighten up where ever they are placed. Of course, bottles are also functional, but not always. So my question about bottles and vases is this: why do these things have to be functional all the time, anyway?! Sometimes all one needs is to bring some visual variety into a space to liven up the energy that already resides in the chosen spot. These hand made objects are each unique, decorated in a variety of ways to please the eye and stimulate a contemplative mind.

Some of these items pictured on this page have found new homes. Please let me know if you find a shape appealing, and I will create something unique for you!

Click on any of these images to find out more about the item.

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Policy for commissioned work: A deposit is required at the beginning of the agreement, so I can purchase materials and supplies.

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