This page is to show the creative process of ceramics. The first thing done is to create an object in clay, letting the object then to dry completely. Once it is bone dry, the object is said to be a piece of greenware. It, along with others in a similar state, will be fired in a kiln, at a temperature that is high enough to partly vitrify the clay, so it is brittle, but strong enough to accept glazes. This is when each piece is considered to have been "bisqued", and is sometimes referred to as "bisqueware". Once each piece is glazed, it is re-fired, at a higher temperature. This is the step where what was once a soft, plastic clay object turns hard, and the glaze forms a durable, waterproof and (usually) food safe coating Once the glaze firing is complete, each piece is then ready for some lucky person to take home and treasure.

Greenware made this spring waiting for that first firing! These pieces will most likely transform over time, as they get refined and go through the firing and glazing processes.


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Policy for commissioned work: A 50% deposit is required at the beginning of the agreement, so I can purchase materials and supplies.


If you want a piece commissioned in clay, please be aware that sometimes clay does horrible, unpredictable things in the kiln, resulting in cracks, or weird bubbles (sometimes called "bloat"). Again, this is rare, but something you should be aware of, should you commission a ceramic piece.


Glazed ware is dishwasher safe, food safe (unless otherwise noted) and oven safe, if put into an initially cold oven.

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