Plates and Platters

Ah, plates and platters! Ceramic art designed to hold and serve your delicious and lovingly made food. I enjoy making plates and platters, as they are fascinating challenges to make well. As I make more of these, their images will appear here. My current focus for plate and platter painting include Zen style fish, sea weed for sushi plates, and some patterned designs.

These three plates are all food safe. They are a good size for small salads or desserts. What else can I say? Though a simple form, plates are among the most challenging to make on the potter's wheel. I would be happy to make some for you, if you let me know the size you want.

Click on any of these images to find out more about the item.

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Policy for commissioned work: A deposit is required at the beginning of the agreement, so I can purchase materials and supplies.

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